Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links, for one reason or another!

Craig Westover blog

Craig is a St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial writer and a blogger. He's a self-described libertarian. He writes good stuff.


La Shawn Barber blog

Female. Black. Christian. Conservative. A source of cognitive dissonance to "open-minded" liberals.


More Blogs:

what if?

Captain's Quarters

SCSU Scholars

Braham, Minnesota (U.S.A.)

My Hometown.

It's the Pie Capital of Minnesota!

Attend Pie Day -- First Friday of August.


Riverview Theater

When I go to the Riverview, I feel like I'm going to the movies. When I go to a multiplex, I feel like I'm sitting in the home theater listening room at an electronics discount store. (Someday, the screens in people's "home theaters" are going to be bigger than the screens in the mulitplex theaters. Probably more seats, too.)

The Riverview Theater is in Minneapolis, just across the river from St. Paul's Highland Park neighborhood. Take your kids and show them what going to the movies is supposed to be like. The style's not retro -- it's genuine. The place hasn't changed much in 50 years. Sign up for a weekly e-mail update of what's playing.


Center of the American Experiement

The Minnesota-based conservative think tank.


Barn Museum

This site has photos and information on old barns.