What is this?
It's a home for my ideas. Ideas are always popping into my head. I needed an outlet for them. So I've created this website. On the home page, I intend to post regular commentary on the news of the day, observations I've made, or ideas that have popped into my head. In the archives are various pieces I've written over the years.

Do you write everyday?
I'll probably add some new commentary on the home page just about every day, but I make no pledge to do so. Some days it's nice not to turn on the computer at all.

Is this a political website?
While there is likely to be plenty of political commentary (From my perspective, of course. Hey! It's my website!), there will be more than that. Even if you disagree with each and every one of my political views, you can still enjoy my stories about growing up on the farm, slice of life stories, and other goodies.

Who are you?
I'm David W. Downing. I live and work in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Can I contact you?
e-mail me at: dave@downingworld.com

Do you do this for a living?
That would be great,wouldn't it? But no, this website is, thus far, just for the fun of it. In real life, I work as a freelancer under the banner of DOWNING COMMUNICATIONS. I offer graphic design, desktop publishing, writing and editing services. Check the Downing Communications page for more info.

What qualifies you to run this site?
I have ideas and I know how to register a domain name and set up a website. That's all it takes. If you think you can do better....go for it! I used godaddy.com to register the domain and host the site, and the process went very smoothly.

Do I know you?
Could be. As I said, I live in St. Paul. My hometown is Braham, Minnesota. I went to college at the University of Minnesota - Duluth. I previously worked at the Minnesota House of Representatives, Harvest States Cooperatives, The Metropolitan Waste Control Commission and the St. Paul Pioneer Press (but in advertising, not editorial). You may have heard my name as a frequent contributor to a popular Twin Cities afternoon drive talk radio show.

What's with the cow pumpkin?
The Downing family is in the pumpkin business. We sell pumpkins in St. Paul. Click on the cow pumpkin for a website that will tell you all about pumpkins, bees, cows and other good stuff.